From Barriers to Bridges, Expert Conflict Resolution and Mediation Services

We as human beings are remarkably unique. Sometimes it’s our uniqueness that causes more division than unity. In order to find success, must work together to understand each person distinctiveness.

As a result, we can achieve a peaceful solution in our conflicts. This solution makes it possible to preserve peace and wealth, be it material or emotional. We believe that peace is possible and will use our expert conflict resolution and mediation services to achieve an end result that benefits all parties.


Our mission is to provide a safe
and confidential environment
that encourages efficient
communication for everyone.
We’ve found this environment catalyzes
a process of reconciliation that is
beneficial for all.


Be an ambassador who hears
all sides of the story, addresses all
strategies, values all people, and
gives everyone the opportunity
to listen as participants
in the same story.

We are constantly progressing our mediation skills and conflict resolution processes to foster unique paths to resolution. Every conflict gives us the ability to leverage elements from multiple sources to achieve a successful outcome.

We seek to understand by honoring the different points of view of each individual party.
Once understood, we prioritize and respond appropriately to each situation.

We believe in building others up. By thinking differently, we encourage the people we work with to do the same. We encourage participants to view the creative dispute resolution process as an enhancement to negotiation. We also address key factors to avoid future conflicts.


We foster and environment that encourages honesty and openness on all fronts of every situation because we believe direct communication is the best way to find solutions.

as facilitators, we promote
a safe environment by working
with disputants for a positive

we demand nothing but the
best from ourselves on behalf
of our clients-whether in
mediation, in trainings,
or during any other

Why Mediation?

Mediation is a Dispute Resolution process using a collection of strategies outside the usual processes of litigation, arbitration and adversarial negotiation. The process of Mediation is to help two or more parties resolve their conflict amicably and privately.

Mediation can save time and money through early settlement. It also affords parties control over the process and the outcome of the dispute while providing confidentiality. The ultimate goal is to help foster healthy relationships that preserve wealth, assets, reputation and resources of each individual involved.