Rosana Ramacciotte

Mediator & Conflict Resolution Specialist

Rosana’s innovative thinking, remarkable skills and significant experience related to Land Development, Construction, Real Estate, consulting for Real Estate Developers and other Corporations have been the recipe to earn her positive reputation in the market as an expert in conflict resolution and negotiations.

She brings a unique arsenal to the table due to her 25+ years of experience holding an executive position in the Civil Engineering industry. She effectively managed all stages of several projects from concept design to construction while acting as project liaison with clients.

“I knew my life was not in vain when I found people in pieces and I lead them into peace.” – Rosana Ramacciotte

Rosana acted as a negotiator in numerous projects throughout the Orange, Los Angeles, Riverside and San Bernardino counties due to the demands of Real Estate Developers and the rules and regulations of the state government and local agencies.

Rosana’s goal is to be resourceful in resolving her client’s dispute while upholding what each client value the most. Her clients know she learned to capture the potential of a creative resolution process for cost savings, protection of dignity, positivity and to minimize negative consequences.

What makes Rosana unique as a Mediator is her years of experience in solving conflicts from inside-out versus outside-in approach producing a history of valuable results.

In her pursue of excellence, Rosana completed her training in Women’s Negotiations Academy & Mediating the Litigated Case Program at the prestigious Straus Institute for Dispute Resolution (Pepperdine University).

Rosana is passionate about giving back to society. She current volunteers as a Mediator at the Superior Count of Orange County. She has served as acted service chair to Zonta International Club, which is a leading global organization of professional women that aims to empower women in developing countries. She helped to distribute 23 million in scholarships to women worldwide.

She served as a facilitator for leaders in Rwanda and Brazil in partnership with churches and government officials to empower ordinary people to create sustainable transformation in communities by promoting reconciliation, equipping leaders, assist the poor, caring for the sick and educating the next generation-The PEACE plan model. She also provided a wide range of assistant to the Peace over Violence/Orange County human trafficking Task Force.


We will always take a position that fosters an environment for effective communication that brings forth a desired result for both parties. Our goal is to provide the most knowledgeable, impartial and consistent mediation tactics to cultivate a positive outcome and builds a bridge of least resistance for future negotiations.


Rosana was our mediator when my business partner and I were ending our real estate partnerships. We had several properties in different states so it was very messy. The need for mediation was to resolve the settlement of paid expenses for the properties. Before we reached out to Rosana, we were unable to agree on anything. After having Rosana as our mediator, we started to work through the differences. It was invaluable to have Rosana because we felt that she was fair, impartial, and guided us through our negotiations. At the end, we were able to walk away, divide the expenses, and move on with our lives. Rosana was the reason that we were able to dissolve our partnership without suing each other.

Thank you!

-W. Lam

Rosana is an incredible powerhouse mediator who strongly advocates for her clients with expert knowledge in mediation! I had the privilege to work with her as my mediator years ago. She was very tenacious, focused, dedicated, and 100% committed to working me achieve a challenging, but successful outcome. Rosana is a remarkable, very talented, and hard-working professional mediator you can trust with an outstanding track record of success, leadership, and resourcefulness!

-D. Tyemi